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TT Mk7

New Unique Design for the MGF TF


New for 2011
The new TT Mk7. Designed to be the best and most exotic exhaust system for the MGF and MGTF.
The only 2 silencer straight through system available on the market built using the best materials and mandril bent 304 stainless steel throughout.

Specifically designed to bring exotic engineering to the MGF/TF Nothing on the market compares to this. Nothing looks like it and nothing is as well made.

launched March 2011
First Deliveries of Prototypes in June 2011
First Production run deliveries Sept 2011

This is a List of the TT Mk7 Owners so far.
a 0 number indicates a prototype

TT Mk7# Name
0David Drewe
ooNed Smith
ooooGraham Loader
1Graham Loader
2Chris Nickels
3Lee Williams
4Allen Chambers
5Richard Baker
6Carl Britcliffe
7Daryl Cramer
8Dave Green
9Paul Davies 
10Paul Mackenny
11Chris Reeves
12Toby White
13Chris Sutcliff
14Jason Rehill
16Keith Miller
18Andy Colman
20Michael Neuberger
21Thomas Clement
22        Lee Sambridge 
23        Trisha Robinson
24Mac Balcewicz
25Vicky Cooke
26Andrew Raw
27Chris Sutcliff
28Rob Horan
29Dale Chapman
30Kev Powell
31Darren Delancey

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