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TT Mk1-3

The Mk1 was a very straightforward straight through design made of 57mm mandril-bent 304 grade stainless steel pipe.

The Mk1 was made in very low numbers (est 6) by Trevor Taylor and the Exhaustman in Mitcham in 1998. It came without finishers and was unpolished. It represents the traditional TT exhaust and TT Mk1 #1 still is permanently fixed to MGF Red19.

Following Trevor's untimely death production of the MK2 followed again only in very limited numbers in 2005 (14). This was a different design based on the Mk1. After a brief break the original Mk1 exhaust system was recreated as the Mk3. Again only 18 made in all forms including 2 TT Mk3R. R standing for racing specification.  

Due to popular demand the Mk4 was created again as another take on the original TT Mk1 design. See the following pages for the information regarding the Mk4.

Unfortunately the only person who knew exactly how many MK1's were made was Trevor Taylor himself, but we think it was only about 6. They were only available for F fitment as the TF hadn't arrived yet, they were never polished, had mild steel flanges and always looked dull grey like race pipes. The silencer box was straight-through and made from 6" Stainless pipe, making the construction very robust.

TT Mk1 #FitmentFinisherOriginal PurchaserNotes
Neil WillettsThe original MK1 prototype. Still on Red19 
Rob BellSold to someone in New Zealand, possibly Hanah Kim
Darren JacksonLast known on a BRG VVC F
UnknownAll information lost 

The MK2 was made like the MK1 but with a shorter silencer. They were available for either F or TF fitment and had 2 options for finishers, either the polished standard TT (2-1/4") or a welded-on 3" finisher not unlike the new TT Mk7.

Only 14 of the MK2 exhausts were made.

TT MK2 #FitmentFinishersOriginal PurchaserNotes 
1FStandard PolishedCharles YarwoodNone
2FStandard PolishedAndrew PhillipsSold to a French MGF owner for Help for Heroes
3F3 inch PolishedMark LucasNone
4FStandard PolishedPaul LangridgeTanya Channing new owner
5FStandard PolishedM SmithNone
6FStandard PolishedP DaveyNone
7F3 inch PolishedF DemaretNone
8FStandard PolishedDieter KoenneckeSpecial number plate on underside for TUV regs
9FStandard PolishedChristian HerselSpecial number plate on underside for TUV regs
10FStandard PolishedGareth HampsonNone
11TF3 inch PolishedSteve WhiteNone
12TFStandard PolishedDave MorganNone
13FStandard PolishedDavid PrescottWas sold in August 2006
14TF3 inch PolishedDavid MorganStewart Griffiths. Purchased from Tony Williams

Mk3 Register

TT Mk3 #FitmentFinisherOriginal PurchaserNotes
1FStandard Polished pipe exits Neil WillettsAfter rework and 'Polished to Oblivion'  Became #19 
2TFStandard Polished pipe exits Stewart Griffiths
Now Owned by
Ally Gau
Slightly Louder than most Mk3 
3TFStandard Polished pipe exits Lee Stuart MarsdenNone
4TFStandard Polished pipe exits Cedric DewitteBelgium
5FStandard Polished pipe exits Marcus PickerNone
6TFStandard Polished pipe exits Martyn WilksNone
7TFStandard Polished pipe exits Nigel WilliamsNone
8TFStandard Polished pipe exits Karl LewryExcellent installation by Sterling Eastbourne, Fitted Mk4 finishers
9FStandard Polished pipe exits Marie JohnsonNone
10TFStandard Polished pipe exits DestroyedLost in France
11FStandard Polished pipe exits Luke FisherFitted Mk4 finisher
12TFStandard Polished pipe exits Lee AshburnerNone
13TFStandard Polished pipe exits Frank AshurstFitted Mk4 finisher
14TFStandard Polished pipe exits Dave Wilcoxfitted Mk4/2 finisher
15TFStandard Polished pipe exits Shaun FordNone
16FStandard Polished pipe exits Matthew FennellLast of Mk3 batch
Mk3 Reissues    
18FStandard Polished pipe exits Michael ChanninSqueezed into production before production of Mk3s
19FPolished all overJames GibneyAfter rework and polishing. Fitted Mk4 Finishers
20FStandard Polished pipe exits Andrew TowellSpecial Order
21TFStandard Polished pipe exits Michael LesterSpecial Order
22TF Standard Polished pipe exits James BennettBought TF "Exhibit" Special Order Polished Exhibition Piece. Shown at NEC Classic car Show
23FStandard Polished pipe exits Lucas WeckhuyzenSpecial Order provisionally labelled Mk3 Reissue . Fitted Mk4 Finishers
Mk3R #FitmentFinisherOriginal PurchaserNotes
1TFStandardJames BriceSingle sided race exhaust built for
Cibre Race car
2FStandardRob BellProject Shed
3FStandardAndy ColemanAndycolm's project car. Last Mk3R. A re-issue, The Surrey Labs, 20 Parvis Rd, West Byfleet, Surrey KT14 6HA