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TT Mk5, Mk500 and other protoypes

In the course of the experiments at the surrey labs several prototype systems have been created, some successfully like the TT Mk7 and others not so successfully.

Some of the rarest exhausts made by TT exhaust are:

Mk5. 2 examples made for the Mazda Mx5.

MkZR a one off made for the MGZR complete with MGZT260 finisher

Mk500 a short run of straight through back boxes for the New Fiat 500

Mk4 RI. Several experiments into MGTF exhaust design. One involving a horrid chambered system. and one a lower cost Mk3 lookalike with different hangars., The Surrey Labs, 20 Parvis Rd, West Byfleet, Surrey KT14 6HA