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Mk4, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4

TT Mk4 and super rare Mk4N

Taking it to the people

The Mk4 was the first move to slightly bigger production runs, each batch was slightly different but still reflected the original Mk1 design concept. However to aid production, build costs and for continuous production improvement several technical changes were made.

The tie bars for the LHS exit were moved across to a single tie bar at the left hand end of the box.
Like the Mk3 the silencer material was made from seam-welded rolled sheet rather than heavier and much more expensive 6" stainless pipe as used in the Mk1 and 2. This helped reduce weight and production cost and effort.

All Mk4s came mirror polished after the very positive reception for the Mk3 "Exhibition" and "Polished to Oblivion" (#19 and #22) examples. 
As with all TT exhausts all Mk4s are made of 304 mandril bent stainless steel but all were and presented mirror polished when new.

Their straight-through 57mm diameter format guarantees a loud beefy traditional MG sports car sound.
After some prototyping Mk4 finishers were designed and offered. These could be retro fitted to Mk1 and Mk3. Also for Mk2s without welded on finishers.

List of original owners of TT Mk4 and Mk4/2

TT Mk4 #Name
0Paul Yates
ooAndy Dyshipfakta
1Tom Hoyle
2Richard Hepburn
4Chris Baynton
5Tom Poole
6Andrew Knowles
7Richard Hughes
8David Macpherson
9Michael Ruddy
10Andrew Haworth
11Joseph Lack
12Craig Winter
13Andrew Phillips
14Matt Drake
15Paul Chatten
16Stu Forbes
17Stefan  Nikolov
18Greg Barton
19Peter Valkyrie
20Axel Gerber
21Fabien Bihour
22Lee Hardy
23Gordon Griffiths
24Angus Johnstone
25Christopher Parker
26Damien Jennings
27Stu Sherwood
28anthony waterman
29Richard Prothero
30Christian Hensel
31Heidi & Brian Sizer
33Christian Hensel
34Patrizia Perzi
35Dean Broadbent
36Jason Lappin
37Finella  Boothby
38Tony Whittingham.
39Christian Hensel
40andrew lea
41Les Hathaway
42Daniel Spurgin
43Graeme Hunter
44Graham Parker
45Simon Wiles
46Martyn Wickens
47David Ford
48Stephen Randell
49Mike Stanford
50Sam Luck
 TT Mk4R
1Mark Williams
2Mark Williams
 TT Mk4N
1Karl Griffiths
2Brian Mathie
3David Prescott

TT Mk4/2
0David Coulson
1Jevon Foggo
2Jean H Stelten
3Paul Clark
4T W Crundwell
5Keiron Lacey
6Christian Hensel
11Alan Tranter
12Kyle Jones
13Malcolm Browne
14Chris Godward
15Malcolm Cernow
16Charlotte Morris
17Andrew Broderick
18Dave Green
19Rob Greene Emmanuel Guilbert
20Roy Fisher
21Ken Friis Hansen
22MC Irwin
23Micheal Barber
24Jay Sheppard
25Adam- ian wraight
26Stephen Carter
27Micheal Newlands
28William Pearson
29George Bland
30Alison Arthur
31Andrew Walbank
32Simon Stone 
33Martin Gardener
34Frank Mallia
35Rob Johnstone
36Nick Taylor
37Maciej Balcewicz
3825177334 LCpl N Wood
39Stuart McMurchy
40Deb Hughes
42Glenn Neilson
43Ian McColloch
44Andy Griffiths
45Nigel Scutt
46Justin Musgrove
47John Cropley
48Frank Ashurst 
49Gavin Prowse
50Joe Molloy

Pls notice that the numbers are not necessarily sequential 

The TT Mk4/3 and Mk4/4 came in quick succession in the summer of 2010.
Apart from a few prototypes there was little difference between the Mk 4/3 and Mk4/4 just a couple of changes to brackets.

No new Mk4 has been available new since 2010 and the Mk4 is now discontinued. However there have been calls for a Re-Issue.

TT Mk4/3
ooMathias Balcewicz
0Art Jacks
1Robert de Joode
2Paul Morley
4Paul Batchelor
5Keiron Lacey 
6Richard Page
7Mike Moore
8Hugh Webber
9Kathy Temple
10Chris Barker
11Michael Anderson    
12John Johnson
13Clement Taranne 
14Steve Childs
16John Frazer
17Mathias Balcewicz
18Stuart McNulty
19Steve Pemberton
20Mathias Balcewicz
25Lee Rose
26Stephen Carter
27Janne Halonen
28Dale Tombs
29Mark Reece
30Leslie Lees
31Justin Morgan
32Pete Sansbury
33Simon Darwin
34Mike Palfreyman
35Phil Jones
36Andrew Fisher
37Richard Davey 
38Oran Maliphant (Oz)
39Ed Stacey
40June Eastirling
41Craig Graves
42Henry Clauwers
43Rob Cairns
44Howard Jacks
45Robert de Joode
46Franck Simon
47Simon D Hancock
48David Brolly
49David Carr
50Steve Bradsell
60Mathias Balcewicz

TT Mk4/4

TT Mk4/4 #Name
0Kaptain Klang
1Richard Farrant
2Rob/Ruth Neave
3Janet Taylor
4Paul Custance
5Malcolm Klingle
6Paul Groves
oo7Daniel Pecka-Klaban
8Matt Coleman
9Stewart McMillan
10Steve Spinks
11Iain Adamson
12Teri Froggatt
13Gerd Nagel
14Richard Tokesi
16Will Thorman
17Andy Wheals
18Gary d Franks
21Andrew Cross
22Jamie Proudfoot
23Peter Jones
24Simon Bon
25John Robinson
26Tracy Ward
27James Oldroyd
28Simon Howarth
29Phillip Thomas
30Stewart Hills
31Stefan Weusthof
51Mathias Balcewicz
60Mathias Balcewicz, The Surrey Labs, 20 Parvis Rd, West Byfleet, Surrey KT14 6HA