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This website is the official home of the TT-exhaust.

An unique exhaust system for cars. Named TT in memorium of Trevor Taylor MG specialist and all-round good bloke.

The first car to have the TT treatment was the MGF in 1998. Since then several cars have received TT exhausts. MGTF, MGZR, FIAT 500 and even a couple of MX5s
The TT exhaust is always:-
Straight-through, stainless steel, mandrill bent, subtle to look at, exotic design.
The antidote to chavvy loud exhausts.
Loud but not brash. Exotic but not Over-The-Top. Understated but Purposeful

TT Mk7 Prototype #0
An unique design for MGF/TF sportscars

We take an enormous pride and make great effort in creating the best exhaust available, and hope that you'll find the exhaust as exhilarating and as immediately effective as other customers have.

The TT Exhaust Logo including our motto.

If it's too loud, turn your hearing aid down!

TTmotto.GIF, The Surrey Labs, 20 Parvis Rd, West Byfleet, Surrey KT14 6HA